Pitch Bookings



For Moseley AWP enquires, please contact Jo Greenan

Pitch Bookings

At all times, please email your 'Pitch Bookings' to Tracy at traceyoliver@msn.com

Cancellation of Matches

If Birmingham City Council call off games on the councils Parks Pitches, then this will only effect the Yardley Wood Playing Fields pitches and not Maypole's pitches, therefore we can still hold our own pitch inspection for Maypole's pitches for small sided games. Pitch inspection's will be held by a minimum of 2 Maypole Representatives.

The decision can be made by our groundsman or in his absence from both team managers If one of the manager's refuses to play then the decision will have to be accepted, a decision for a game to be played must be agreed by both managers.

11-a-side: After the council have called pitches off and in your opinion the pitches are playable, you are still not allowed to play the match, if you do, the match will become null & void regardless.

If pitches have been called off prior to Sunday, we will make every effort to contact you. If by Sunday we are unable to make contact and you are still unsure then please make an effort to contact our groundsman, Andy 07891 575 527

The decision made on the day is final and cannot be overturned.

Teams will be disciplined if the decision to call off a game was ignored and it was found that a team continued to play the game.