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Rolls of Committee

Posted by lee on October 29, 2013


· The Management Committee shall be responsible to the General Committee for the administration of the affairs of the Club within its objectives and policies.

· To meet on a regular basis and to take decisions concerning the general running of the club
· The management committee shall be responsible for the day to day organisation of the club
· To approve the club development plan.
· To create and recommend all club procedures and policies relating to the welfare of all members.



The Presidency is an honorary position which is usually occupied by a former Chairman or a long serving committee member of the club.
Attends meetings in a neutral and uncommitted capacity
Acts as ambassador for the club
Assists Commitee when required and can asssit with decisions

Chairs meetings of main Management Committee
Sets agendas and controls discussions in club meetings
Makes decisions in consultation with other officers
Coordinates activity within the club as and when necessary
Plans ahead and be prepared to delegate
Acts as a conciliator between 2 parties trying to resolve a disagreement
Helps to prepare calendar for events
Helps to book venue(s) and assists with publicity

Vice Chairman
Takes place of the Chairman if he/she is unable to attend any meeting or appointments and assits the Chairman in their abscence by fulfilling the Chairman's roll

Club Secretary
Is the Principal administration officer
First point of contact for an outsider
May produce emails, newsletters/publicity material if no publicity officer exists
Attends league meetings
Helps to administrate club/team fines

Club Treasuer
Is financially qualified
Prepares and set budgets and control costs
Collects subscriptions
Administers club accounts
Pays invoices to customers
Prepares income and expenditure accounts and cash flow forecasts
Helps to administrate club/team fines

Child Welfare Officer
To ensure that children and young players are provided with the highest possible standard of care by their coaches and volunteers
To implement a child/young player protection policy
To raise awareness and understanding that abuse does happen in sport and to establish communication and reporting procedures

FA Charter Standard Officer
Encourages, develops and organises training for all club coaches
Liaises with the FA and Birmingham County FA on coaching courses
Acts as point of contact for all coaching queries
Responsible for updaing annual Charter Standard health checks

Youth Development Officer (YD)
Responsible for all elements of the cubs section
Encourages and supports coaches to develop cubs players
Link between parents and club
To create links with and promote football within local schools