About MFC


Maypole FC and it's History

Maypole FC was formed in 1975 as Maypole Juniors FC. 

Initially Maypole was ran from the Maypole Youth Centre, Idminston Croft, where we was able to start providing Association football for boys of all ages.

We joined the Central Warwickshire League initially with just 3 teams with our home games played at Silver Street in Wythall whilst training took place at Daisy Farm Park. Like today, our funding came mainly from players subscriptions, grants and fund raising events.

In 1978 we formed an open age team with the players that had came through from the previous 3 years. The team over the years proved very successful progressing from Division 7 to the Premier league.

In 1980, to create a standard 'kit uniform' we introduced a red & black striped shirt, black shorts and either black or red socks, this style of kit is still worn today.

In 1987, after a tremendous amount of hard work with fund raising, obtaining small grants etc, we managed to raise enough money to purchase our clubhouse and negotiate the lease of the old Rover ground off Greenaleigh Rd where we still play to this day. 
Due to the continuing hard work and success of the teams, in 1988 we formed Maypole Utd - this allowed us to have 2 teams eligible to play in the same age group, since then we have ran both names under Maypole FC.

Throughout Maypole’s history there have been a great number of people who have contributed towards the clubs continued success, especially the following: Ben Onions, Bob Devey, George McGahey, Jim Penn, Stan Baldwin and John Lockley. There has also been a truly outstanding contribution from Hazel & Mick McGahey who have been dedicated to the club since the very beginning and without their immense time and effort, Maypole FC would not be where it is today.